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For people who are not aware of what the chart looks like, click here for a basic idea and enter a value gann square of nine in the current market price blank. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

The ideal time to use this calculator is after fifteen minutes of the opening of the market. There has been disagreements and debates on making profit by using Gann’s square of nine calculations. The technique is simple yet complicated by the fractal nature of the markets. It is hidden in the maze of numbers due to the required floating of the decimal, yet available when the rule upon which it operates is learned.

Price is an integral function of time , as is time of price. Likewise, the terms ‘short’ and ‘long’ in this article refer to spans rather than to ‘buy long’ and ‘sell short’ orders. Metaphorically, the ‘Wave Principle’ is a road map for the analyst to negotiate the market’s alleys, streets and freeways. Once the market’s position within the pattern is clear, then the way ahead shows the direction of the next swing. The Nasdaq 100 Index at present is at the cusp of bear market Wave ‘B’. The complementary relationship between Ralph Nelson Elliott’s Wave Principle and the Gann Square-of-9 proposes an imminent trend reversal of the Nasdaq 100 Index.

gann square of nine

These Important Angles help in Trading through Advance Mathematic Angles. Learn how to draw Gann Square yourself and be equipped with an advance trading Tool that is used by Professional traders. You will learn what are the levels important in Trade and how to earn with the trend. Gann Square of Nine is similar in shape & idea to a wheel or circle, and is generally also referred to as the Gann Wheel. The Gann square of nice is generally used to confirm the significance of high & low in stock markets also in other types of investments.

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No profits can be guaranteed and no assurance is made against future losses. Futures, Forex, Stock, and Cryptocurrency trading involves considerable risk and should only be attempted by those in the proper learned financial condition who are able to assume the inherent risk involved. It is up to the individual to do the research or past performance of any system they use to trade with and the user also acknowledges that Gann Explained is no way responsible for the investment and trading and/ or legal decisions of its users. W.D. Gann used ONLY ONE algorithm from the Square of Nine to make all his price forecasts in the 1909 Ticker & Investment Digest article. There are ELEVEN examples of this one algorithm in that article plus two future forecasts. It is the same method in every forecast, with only slight variations.

gann square of nine

The ‘Calculator’ was designed to bring to the public a tool that teaches the basic principles that Mr. Gann used in trading with the ‘Square of Nine’. The video now comes on a thumb drive as more and more computers do not accept nor read cd-roms. uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. On p. 69 of Gann’s novel The Tunnel Thru the Air; Or, Looking back from 1940 , the numbers “1940” and “69” lined up at the top of the page.

Rather, one angle of the Square of Nine targets the price and the other angle eliminates a lot of the copious price possibilities presented on the maze of numbers spiraling outward sequentially. That is the secret that Gann would never share with his book and course buying public, or his partner Lambert. In forex analytics, numbers or cells fall on the diagonal cross and cardinal cross provide support and resistance levels. The numbers that fall in the cells represented by the cardinal and ordinal cross are key support and resistance levels. The square of nine or Gann Square is a method which squares price and time.

This manual explains clearly what the ‘Calculator’ is and how each component is used. It also takes you through several different ways of using the Calculator, giving you numerous examples and charts to study. The Natural Squares Calculator™ consists of the ‘Natural Squares’ chart imprinted on a heavy piece of Lexan measuring approximately 19 inches by 19 inches (47.5cm X 47.5cm). Mounted on this base are three clear heavy plastic revolving disks, each containing a different set of tools. Finally, the Trend Director Arm is a narrow plastic strip mounted on top. Lambert-Gann Educators, Inc created the ‘Natural Squares Calculator™’ as the first product in the exciting ‘Pathway to Profit©’ educational series.

Gann Square Of 9

Once you have a basic understanding of the methodologies shown, you must then test it on back data to prove to yourself how well the Natural Squares Calculator™ works and to give you confidence to use it in your trading. Once you have a level of confidence in its abilities to project turning points and support and resistance levels, you should then apply it to your trading plan. Now you can benefit from the Natural Squares Calculator™ and the highly acclaimed educational package that comes with the ‘Calculator’.

I find the way to correct count Fibonacci waves and I suddenly saw the pattern recurring in the market. History repeats itself and cycles become prevalent in all financial instruments. To generate these levels, you need to input the latest trade price in Gann calculator. You might also have come across Square of Nine on Metatrader. The support/resistance levels are generated using the values in Gann square and breakouts of the levels would be used to enter intraday or swing trades.

You can’t just apply a few moving averages to the chart and give it a go. heres a code that also calculates the positive gann square of nine from yesterdays close, i am trying to code it so it can be switched from todays open is you wish. Any mention of WD Gann is usually preceded or followed with ‘legendary trader.’ I suppose that’s appropriate because no other stock or commodities trader, R.N. The biggest difference between Gann and Elliott is that the latter published his work and freely divulged his “secrets.” $5,000 courses notwithstanding, Gann never did. In a 1922 interview when WD Gann was asked to reveal the cause behind his incredibly accurate time factor, he responded, “That is my secret and too valuable to be spread broadcast. Besides, the public is not yet ready for it.” Although it is not necessary to have a previous knowledge or understanding of Mr. Gann’s trading techniques to use the Natural Squares Calculator™ , understanding the various uses of this trading tool will take more time without this knowledge. It will take time and study to understand and use this tool properly.

Half of the time it blows right through those lines or levels, so you don’t know if it was any good or valid. Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator. Shipping rates are based on books weighing 2.2 lbs or 1 KG. If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required.

gann square of nine

Therefore, for all things said and done, Square of Nine looks like a smart approximation of number series which is turns up correct on most instances. And more and more it turns up correct, more it will become reliable because of self-filling tendency of traders and speculators. Newswire Today – PRZOOM / PRTODAY disclaims any content contained in this article. If you need/wish to contact the company who published the current release, you will need Currencies forex to contact them – NOT us. Issuers of articles are solely responsible for the accuracy of their content. Gann closely guarded his secrets whilst he was alive, but almost certainly the Square of 9 calculations was pivotal in his trading methods. He actually found it inscribed in a temple in India and on the walls of the Great pyramid in Egypt, but he was certainly the first trader to recognise its importance and relevance in market trading.

William Delbert Gann

We try to maintain hiqhest possible level of service – most formulas, oscillators, indicators and systems are submitted by anonymous users. Therefore does not take any responsibility for it’s quality. If you use any of this information, use it at your own risk.

This book is a must have reference for every student of W.D. Absolute peaks and troughs are determined by lesser-degree wavelets that form the final stages of impulse swings.

Gann’s Square Of Nine

The method I am referring to indicates price points, but does not project the trend. Coincidentally, Gann Square of Nine support and resistance levels also coincide Fibonacci levels and Pivot Points level. Some people told me that, using TA Gann methods, when it’s true, it’s very true, when it’s wrong, it’s very wrong. However, I nearly correct all limits and restricts of Gann methods, now it’s always true in any case.

  • Not many people know that there are different ways to plot SO9.
  • I have been using Fibonacci number in my painting from the beginning and study sacred geometry.
  • But we have seen it time and again that this Square of Nine has worked well and forms a unique pattern.
  • Once you have a basic understanding of the methodologies shown, you must then test it on back data to prove to yourself how well the Natural Squares Calculator™ works and to give you confidence to use it in your trading.
  • In ancient times, it tracked and forecasted the spans of seasonal inundations.
  • Using $120 as an example, $120 times 15 will be 1800°, and when it is divided by 360°, the remainder is 0.

Essentially, Gann Square is the structure of Egyptian Pyramid. Gann described the use of angles in the stock market in The Basis of My Forecasting Method . Calculating a Gann angle is equivalent to finding the derivative of a particular line on a chart in a simple way. Each geometrical angle divides time and price into proportionate parts. The most important angle Gann called the 1×1 Foreign exchange market or the 45° angle, which he said represented one unit of price for one unit of time. When one draws a perfect square and then draw a diagonal line from one corner of the square to the other, it illustrates the concept of the 1×1 angle which moves up one point per day. Also, drawing a circle connecting the four corners of the squares brings the concept of angles into perspective.


The video is close to an hour and provides additional insights you can use to help develop a Gann trading plan. The Gann square of nine helps to identify time and price alignments in order to forecast prices.

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